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Margaret A. Shipp, M.D.

Douglas S. Miller Chair
Chief, Division of Hematologic Neoplasia
Department of Medical Oncology
Dana-Farber Cancer Institute

Professor of Medicine
Harvard Medical School


The Shipp Laboratory interests include the characterization of comprehensive molecular signatures, underlying genetic alterations, subtype-specific survival pathways and associated rational therapeutic targets in aggressive B-cell lymphomas such as diffuse large B-cell lymphoma (LBCL), discrete LBCL subtypes and classical Hodgkin lymphoma (cHL). In these diseases, we also define molecular bases for recognized clinical heterogeneity and use this information to more accurately diagnose and treat high-risk patients. We have characterized genetic mechanisms of enhanced tumor immune evasion in cHL and select LBCL subtypes and translated these findings into informative clinical trials. In cHL, our identification of chromosome 9p24.1 amplification and associated overexpression of the PD-1 ligands led to pilot and registration studies of PD-1 blockade and recent FDA approval.

Our multi-disciplinary group is committed to translating emerging genetic signatures of specific lymphoid malignancies into more accurate diagnoses and improved therapies for our patients.

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